5 Reasons to Enjoy Nature


Being outside is good for you and your health! Even spending as little as 15 minutes every day in nature can improve your health and well being. Here are 5 reasons to get outside and enjoy a little nature. We’re sure there are many more reasons but for this post we narrowed it down to the top 5.

1. Walking in nature improves your memory.
2. Spending 20-30 minutes outside can significantly reduce stress levels.
3. Just 15 minutes sitting or walking in a natural setting helps you feel restored.
4. Take a break outside for better concentration. If possible, leave your phone behind and unwind.
5. Being outside more tends to make exercise more enjoyable, and we all know exercise is a good thing 🙂

Here’s a tip: If you want to get into the habit of a little daily nature break but don’t know where to start, begin slowly and regularly. For instance, take a walk to the corner of your street every evening after dinner – increasing your distance every week. Bring the kids on your walks, opt for a walk at the beach, park, or in the forest for a treat. Research shows that having small goals (habits) that you can achieve work better to form repeat patterns of behavior.

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