• It’s never too late to start flossing.

    What are the benefits of flossing? Flossing will help keep your mouth clean and your breath smelling good. Brushing your teeth isn’t enough to keep your teeth clean. When you brush, parts of your teeth are hard to reach. Bits of food can remain stuck there even after brushing. Flossing can remove these stubborn bits… Read more »

  • Vanessa’s baby is here!

    Vanessa’s baby is here!!! Zailey Rose arrived 2/2/19, she and Vanessa are doing great!! Dad and her 2 older brothers already love her so much❣️❣️  And that hair of hers? WOW. Congratulations Vanessa and family, enjoy…. Read more »

  • Christmas 2018

    GVD Christmas Dinner 2018 Seascape Beach Resort was a blast!! We’ll be ready and recharged for the New Year and will start seeing patients once again on Tuesday, Jan 8th at 9:30am…. Read more »

  • Saludos de Green Valley Dentistry

    Nuestros deseos aquí en Green Valley Dentistry son que todos nuestros queridos pacientes se encuentren felices y sonrientes.  Con el fin del ano muy próximo, queremos informales de algunos cambios que hemos iniciado en su oficina dental. *Con el fin de servirles mejor, hemos traído a dos miembros nuevos a la familia de Green Valle… Read more »

  • Greetings from Green Valley Dentistry

    We here at Green Valley Dentistry hope this letter finds you healthy and happy. With the end of year quickly approaching, we’d like to share a few updates and some exciting changes we’ve undergone here at the practice. *We have two new team members who have recently joined us. One is Felicia, a dental assistant…. Read more »