Today is National Boss Day and We’re Honoring Dr. B!

Today is National Boss Day! We’re celebrating Dr. B, because he’s a GREAT boss – here’s what the sign we made says – and it’s all TRUE!

The Best Characteristics of a Great Boss!!

  • Willing to go to the MILKY WAY and back for the good of our patients.
  • Stays calm when it’s CRUNCH time.
  • Always supportive of his NERDS.
  • Is a LIFESAVER in an emergency.
  • Budgets wisely to ensure PAYDAY.
  • Can handle MOUNDS of paperwork.
  • Works hard to improve our SKOR.
  • Willing to put EXTRA hours when needed.
  • Always crosses the T’s and DOTS the i’s.

The GVD Team

This holiday happens each year on October 16, unless the 16 of the month falls on a weekend. If it does fall on a weekend, then it’s usually celebrated the next workday that is closest to it.
The holiday was first celebrated in the 1950s, it was started by a woman who wanted to honor her father and also have a holiday for employees to show their appreciation for their bosses. She chose October 16 because it was her dad’s birthday. The purpose of this day is so employees can show their boss some appreciation.
This day is not only observed in the United States but is also observed in Canada, India and Lithuania.

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