Relax. Breathe. Refresh. Be.

School has started again along with new morning routines, getting kids to school and ourselves to the busy day ahead. Guess what? You can have a great 2 minute De-stress session while you brush your teeth in the morning to prepare for the day and again in the evening to relax you for a good nights rest.

Before you know it you’ll feel refreshed and relaxed after your am/pm brush, not only that but you’ll actually look forward to flossing/brushing instead of ‘going thru the motions’.

Check out these four steps to help you feel more relaxed and refreshed as you get your daily brushing done.

1. Take a few deep breaths as you apply toothpaste to your brush head, in slowly…out slowly…

2. Practice ‘Presence’. Calm any racing thoughts, be grateful for your day, and thoughtful about taking good care of your teeth.

3. Enjoy the sensation of brushing your teeth, think about each tooth for a few seconds and how clean your mouth feels as you go.

4. Acknowledge the good as you begin to brush. A few ideas for the morning: “I’m glad I’m taking this time for myself.”, “Today is a great day!”, “Everything is working out nicely.” Etc… For the evening try something like thinking about 3 things your did today that matter, were you kind to someone today? Did you take a moment to look at nature on your way to the office? Did you make progress on that to do list?

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